YYsisters CD Release with Tatev & the Soundsketch


The YY sisters is comprised of Tatev, her older sister Sona, and her younger sister Lucy who together perform Armenian  traditional classical music. The sisters bring both new perspective and reverence to this age old, Armenian music. Tatev’s three-part harmonies coupled with the group’s unique vocal styles and sensitivities create stirring, haunting sonorities. This music is both exclusively Armenian and broadly human, and has garnered the sisters attention both within and outside the Armenian community. This music offers its listener a spiritually satisfying experience. Tatev is the director and the arranger for both Soundsketch & YYsisters’ acapella vocal trio whose first CD “Yerek Hatik” came out in February 2012.


SoundSketch is a musical ensemble embracing and celebrating the powerful union of the visual and the audio worlds. The balanced combination of instruments of varied origins offers innumerable audio palates for the listener. Most of Tatev’s compositions for Soundsketch are written to ornate and strengthen the visual experience of animations, films and cartoons. The openness, genial awareness of each sound’s production and impact is essential for the members of Soundsketch since the unique union of jazz and classical instruments, styles relies on such intricate details. Tatev’s music is inspired by her childhood and continues fascination with authentic cartoons, haunting and magical fairy tales and in general, the endless worlds imagination is capable of making one experience particularly by sound & sketch!


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