YY Sisters

The vocal a cappella group YY sisters aims to preserve the traditional folk music of ancient  peoples by bringing new perspective and reverence to age old music. The scope of the group’s selection is extremely extensive covering a large historical ground. The repertoire includes works by Armenian historian Movses Khorenatsi of the fifth century to English medieval carols and early American music. The group captures the listener with evocative, unique and modern arrangements while still being deeply rooted in oral traditional and early folk singing.

YY sisters are among the most  prevalent and respected vocal ensembles within the Armenian Diaspora who gained much recognition in as well as outside of the Armenian community. They are established members at cultural, social and political gatherings in New York City, Boston, Yerevan and Los Angeles. 

Members – Tatev Yeghiazaryan, Kate Victor & Lucy Yeghiazaryan

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